Automatic Cartoning Machine for Bottle

Automatic Cartoning Machine for Bottle

ZH-100 Multifunction automatic horizontal Cartoning Machine Simple Instruction: This machine is suitable for packing AL/PL Blister, bottle , Pillow Type Bags and other related similar content compact automatic leaflet folding, box opening and loading, batch number embossing as well as sealing...
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Product Details

ZH-100 Multifunction automatic horizontal Cartoning Machine


Product Application

ZH-100  multifunctional automatic box packing machine can pack the material into box and close it continuously and automatically. The product is suitable for use in drug aluminum-plastic plate, round bottle, heterosexual bottle, cosmetics, auto supplies, toothpaste, office supplies, such as poker ` bulk bags and similar items box packaging, can automatically complete the manual folding, open cartons, boxes, printing batch number, seal boxes, etc.

It can connect with the Blister Machine, Pillow Packaging Machine, Shrink-Wrapper, etc., to be a full automatic packaging Line. It is the best choice for mass production.


Cartons are one of the commonest forms of packaging. But while they almost all end up in a regular six-sided square or rectangular shape there are a number of different styles which are dictated by the filling and closing method. For example, some cartons are filled and closed via the end flaps; others are filled vertically and closed with a fold over 'lid'. Other important differences include the means of securing the carton in its erected form. Some are glued using adhesive; others have pre-cut tabs and slots, or are pre-coated with a heat sensitive material. Some applications use window cartons - a carton with a pre-cut area behind which transparent film has been fixed to allow the contents to be viewed



1.International famous brand  of electrical component such as PLC touch screen, frequency inverter, etc.

2.Adopt human-machine operation system.

3.Automatically stop when machine is overload.

4.Automatically reject lacking of package product and leaflet.

5.Automatically display trouble,Alarm and count finished products.

6.Stable performance,operation is easy.

Main Technical Parameters

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