Perfume Box Packing Machine

Perfume Box Packing Machine

ZH-100 Multifunction automatic horizontal Cartoning Machine Simple Instruction: This machine is suitable for packing AL/PL Blister, bottle , Pillow Type Bags and other related similar content compact automatic leaflet folding, box opening and loading, batch number embossing as well as sealing...
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Product Details

ZH-100 Multifunction automatic horizontal Cartoning Machine


Simple Instruction: 

The equipment is mainly used for automatic cartoning of bottled, blistered or tubed products in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries specially. And it can be connected to the front packing equipments such as filling machine, blister packing machine or tube filling and seaing machine and also to the behind equipments such as cellophane overwrapping machine and etc to form an automatic production packing line to improve the production effeciency greatly. 





1.The speed is regulated by variable frequency and adopts automatic control system.

2.This machine adopts man-machine interface operating system,automatically display box speed,quantity and other performance parameters ,and also display  the fault causes and methods of operation and maintenance.

3.It can be implemented that adjust and use of more specifications at the specific confine on the same machine.

4.Manual and automatic conversion.

5.It can simultaneously complete that the folding of instructions and cartoning.

6.It can print three numbers on the box,in additional, it also has the functions of print serial numbers.

7.Incorporates automatic inspection system and has the functions of automatic suspension and removal of non-conforming products.

8.It can be installed with hot melt adhesive machine.

9.With functions of automatically separate  material and absorb material simultaneously.

10.Adopt  synchronous feed using synchronous servo system.

Main Technical Data



Weight in kg


Output & Speed

Steady production speed

50-100 cartons/min

Unfold Leaflets


Between 65-80g/m2 

Size range

(80-210) ×(70-210)mm  (L×W)

Fold range

(1-4 )fold

Notice: The leaflet can be folded by the machine

Carton (Card Board)


Between 250-350g/m2 

Carton Size mm



Standard power supply

220V –  50Hz

Power consumption in KW


Air consumption


Compressed Air Pressure



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