Perfume Cartoning Machine

Perfume Cartoning Machine

ZH-100 Multifunction automatic horizontal Cartoning Machine Simple Instruction: This machine is suitable for packing AL/PL Blister, bottle , Pillow Type Bags and other related similar content compact automatic leaflet folding, box opening and loading, batch number embossing as well as sealing...
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Product Details

ZH-100 Multifunction automatic horizontal Cartoning Machine


Main purpose

This product is suitable for the exhausting box of medicine board , hose, ampoule and similar iterms. The maximum speed is up to 100 boxes/min, and the packing efficiency is high and the quality is excellent.


Processing :
1. Push box into star wheel.

2.Fold box lower small flap.

3. Stamping code on box.

4. Product fall into box.

5. Fold box upper small flap.

5. Press both upper and lower big flaps.

6. Flatten both big flaps.

7. Product push out.

8. If "1" suck no box into star wheel, piston will push out, and will pull back normally.

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