Fluid Bed Pelletizer

Fluid Bed Pelletizer

FLP- 120 Fluid-Bed Granulator/Pelletor/ Coater F unction feature and the principle of action. This machine is suitable for granulating, &coating for powder/granules/ in container by spray binder/coating material. The principle of action is based on: Put the powder material into the fluid...
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Product Details

FLP-120 Fluid-Bed Granulator/Pelletor/ Coater

Main application

 1). It is suitable for drying of granule and powder materials in pharmaceutical, food stuff and chemical industries and so on.

 2). Using screw to extrude, vibrate granule and to get them dry in a high speed way.

 3). Big granule, small block, particle with viscosity.



1). The structure of fluid bed is round to avoid dead corner.

 2). There is glitter in the fluid bed to avoid agglomerating of raw material and forming canal of flow.

 3). Bag dust remover is made of anti-static fiber for safety operation.

 4). The finished material is discharged by turning over the bottom plate which makes the dump and cleansing become fast and more convenient.

 5). It is operated at the conditions of negative pressure and seal in accordance with "GMP" requirements.


Working principle

The air which is drawn by air blower through the bottom after heating up passes through net board of material hopper. Inside the chamber, the air becomes state of flow under agitating and negative pressure. The moisture is brought away after rapid evaporated. Then target material gets dried in a short time. 



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