Oncology Freeze Dryer

Oncology Freeze Dryer

Freeze-dry (brief named Freeze-dry) is a stable process of material dried which will put the material contained with water to freeze to solid first, then make among them of the water sublimate from solid to air condition, removing water to preserve materials Products at solution stage are frozen...
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Product Details

LTDG-13F Vacuum Freeze Drying Machine(CIP System)

Product structure

Technical parameters


Design Standard:CGMP

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Power (three-phase and five-wire system)


Power consumption


Cooling water qty


Compressed air


Clean water


Whole volume

 (According to design standard)


Integral (Rectangular box dry   +Rectangular cold trap)

Total weight




  1. Rectangular type dry chamber, Pre-freezing, drying in same chamber without any manual operation.

  2. Drying chamber & shelves made by polished SS 304 or material contact parts SS316 is optional, adopted high strength, high transmittance plexiglass door, easy to observe, inside round corner, easy to clean.

  3. Oil circulation heating type with high temperature precision control, usually suitable for medical, bio field, electric heating type suitable for food field.

  4. GUNDFOS shielded circulating pump and PID control electric heating component; circulation liquid used Low-temperature low- viscosity silicone oil.

  5. Shelves heating system uses safe voltage, while heating rate controllable. (Electric heating type)

Condenser (cold trap)

  1. Made by SS304 drum-type cold trap, with high transmittance plexiglass door, Integrity or separately condenser and chamber can be chosen.

  2. Patented gas diversion technology, cold trapping ice even, ice-catching ability.


  1. Dual-stage cooling, famous hermetic compressor which is low noise, capillary throttling technology, air-cooled or water-cooled is available.

  2. Brazed plate heat exchanger.

  3. Environmental-friendly refrigerant.


  1. Flexible manual + automatic control, manual groping process, automatic batch production.

  2. PLC control with 7’ LCD touch graphic display, can be operated in auto, semi-auto and manual mode.

  3. Shelf temperature adjustable, controllable, explore suitable for pilot and production processes.

  4. 32 programs, each program can be set as 36 segments, curve can be stored, processing parameters can be modified in real time.

  5. Built with recorder, with USB interface data can be exported to computer for analysis, FD-LYO software & computer is optional for controlling by remote way.

  6. sensor calibration function, to ensure long-term use of the accuracy of the measured value.

  7. Real-time alarm display and historical alarm inquiry function, convenient fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance.

  8. Users can set the level and password, decentralized operation and management.


  1. Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum is automatic adjust and can be set (optional).

  2. Ultimate vacuum can reach 5 Pa, in order to reach highest vacuum, Leybold brand vacuum pump is optional.


  1. Normal type suitable for bulk raw products like food, fruit, herbal medicine and bio material. Stoppering type suitable for vials comes with cap, to stoppering caps into the vials.

  2. Inflatable (water) valve with a safety diaphragm valve can be connected to the inert gas source, dry and filled with inert gas, to extend the shelf life of the material.

  3. CE/ISO 9001 13485 14001 certificated.

  4. Can be conforms to GMP standard.

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