SS316L Tray Dryer

SS316L Tray Dryer

CTC- 0 Series Hot AirCirculation Drying Oven Heating source includes three modes steam, electricity and electrical steam. Service temperature: steam heating 50-150℃; max 150℃; electrical heating 50-350℃. The temperature is automatically controlled, and is recorded by the recorder; Inner wall of...
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The hot air circulating drying oven is used in the material’s heating & solidifying in the industries of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry and heavy industry, etc, such as crude drugs, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, extractum, powder, granule, electuary, water-bindered pills, packing bottles, pigment, dyestuff, dehydration vegetables, dried fruit & melons, sausages, plastic resin, electric elements and drying varnish, etc. 

The low-noise high temperature proof axial blower and an automatic temperature control system are equipped in the CT-C series hot-air circulation drying oven, the whole circulation system is the fully enclosed, the heat efficiency of the drying oven is increased from 3-7% to 35-45%, and the highest heat efficiency can reach 50%. The successful design of CT- C hot-air circulation drying oven proves that the hot-air circulation drying oven in our country reaches the advanced level both in China and abroad, and not only a large quantity of the energy in our country is saved, but also the economic profits of the enterprises are increased. In 1990,the Chinese Medicine Management Bureau issued the industrial standard, and unified the type be RXH.


Model & spec.

Drying quantity per time (kg)

Power of blower fan (kw)

Consumed steam(L/min)

Drying cart (pcs)

Drying pan(pcs)

Machine Size (mm)

Upper and lower temp. difference









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