Continuous Cbd Refinery System Short Path Molecular Distillation

Stock Available 7 Inch 0.2M2 Full Jacket Automatic Stainless Steel Short Path Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Molecular distillation is considered as the safest mode of separation and to purify the thermally unstable molecules and related compounds with low volatility and elevated boiling...
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Preferable alternative to short path distillation kits: much shorter residence time, lower processing temperature, capable of continuous operation, and available as a plug-and-play turnkey solution.
Macat is now offering turnkey packages for wiped film molecular distillation units, including the evaporator, vacuum pump, heaters, chillers and necessary feeding/receiving equipments. The wiped film molecular distillation unit is superior than traditional short path distillation kit by shorter residence time, lower separation temperature, capability of continuous and unattended operation. The units are available in various sizes (from 60mm diameter to 200mm or more), with processing speed starting from 280g/hour.



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