Ethanol Extraction Machine For CBD From Hemp

Ethanol Extraction Machine For CBD From Hemp

Simple Instruction: This equipment is suitable for roots/leaves/oil Extraction and Solvent Recovery production. Feature: This equipment mainly is consisting of Extraction tank, condenser, Cooler, storage tank etc. The roundness tank is easy to clean and discharge the material. The equipment...
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Product Description

This equipment has excellent manufacture,complete collocation,simple operation.It is consist of extracting tank,concentrated pot,storage tank for liquid material,condenser,oil-water separator, filter, delivery pump,vacuum pump and so on. 

We also have steam heating and electric heating,the user can operate it only to engage the steam or electricty.

And the whole system could run in low temperature to reduce cost and time of dewaing.



This unit has many advantages such as high efficiency, energy saving, multifunction.
As to the comprehensive performance, it is at the leading position in domestic. It is modernized technology equipment keeping pace with international natural plant medicine. Our company can also produce ordinary control unit or semi-automatic control unit to satisfy different requirements of customers.


This unit not only has good function for extraction and concentration of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese herbal medicine (dry product), but also has powerful functions for extraction and concentration of fresh plant products at low temperature with fresh flavor preserved, such as the extraction and concentration of flower and asparagus. It has applied in traditional Chinese medicine factories and health product factories, which shows its powerful function advantages.
The equipment is also applicable to the extraction and condensation of natural condiments and food additives concerning animals and halobios.

The RH Dual Heat Reflux Extracting Concentrator unit is composed of extractor, extraction cooler, extraction condenser, evaporation chamber, evaporator condenser, evaporator cooler, liquid receiver, heater, duplex filter, centrifugal pump, pipes, lifting structure, etc.
Accessories: manhole, sight glass, inspection light, pressure gauge, liquid level gauge, thermometer, nozzles, etc. 

Main Technical data(Extraction Tank):



Tank Volume


Working temperature


Jacket Working Pressure


Clamping apparatus working pressure


Cylinder working pressure


Condenser Area


Chiller area






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