Hemp Separation Hemp Oil Extraction Equipment, Machinery

- Product line is consist of Extraction, Evaporation, Distillation sub-systems - Produces ethanol free crude oil / THC free broad spectrum oil / 99% CBD isolates - Capacity: process 600KG biomass / day.
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Hemp separation hemp oil extraction equipment, machinery


- Product line is consist of Extraction, Evaporation, Distillation sub-systems

- Produces ethanol free crude oil / THC free broad spectrum oil / 99% CBD isolates

- Capacity: process 600KG biomass / day.

 Hemp separation hemp oil extraction equipment, machinery


   1.This production line is composed of extraction part, single-effect concentration part, spherical        concentration part, molecular distillation part, crystallization part, storage tank part and public system.

    2.The advanced nature of this production line

    Advanced and complete equipment;

     The whole equipment is mainly composed of extraction tank, Liquid storage tanks , single-effect concentrator, concentrate tank, spherical concentrator, original alcohol tank, low-temperature alcohol tank, temporary storage tank, molecular distillation, crystallizer and other equipment.

High degree of automation

     PC control system, including control machine,On site explosion-proof touch screen, various sensors (temperature, pressure flow, liquid level, density and other sensors), various control valves, so that heavy, repetitive work can be completed through the computer, while ensuring the uniformity of production.

    Control methods include liquid level, temperature, pressure PID control: liquid level, temperature, pressure chain alarm control, extraction tank feeding control, solvent quantitative addition control, concentration density control, etc., to ensure reliable and stable product quality in the production process.

Advanced software:

Control system platform configuration software, with flexible system     application architecture,Free to build applications of different sizes, with built-in Web servers that can be easily configured for distribution,Implement monitoring of production processes anywhere.It conforms to the standard of 21 CFR Partll/GAMP5 and the regulations and provisions required by the FDA, the eu and China for the production of food and medicine.Control system platform configuration software provides a wealth of integrated plug-ins,It can realize the internal objectization operation among multiple components through the background standardized interface.Typical composite components include standard relational library integration tools, video integration components, GIS components, barcode components, etc.The configuration software of the control system platform can quickly integrate various software systems, such as typical geographic information system, video monitoring system, multimedia system, etc., to form a comprehensive monitoring system.It provides a reporting tool with the operation mode of "excel". It can make common production reports (daily report, monthly report, annual report, etc.) in a wizard way. It can also flexibly make all kinds of complex forms of reports to complete the query, display, print and output of real-time, historical and statistical data.

The production line is of high safety

     This production line with alcohol tank liquid level transfinite alarm and linkage control, production area of alcohol gas concentration transfinite alarm and linkage control, concentration tank temperature and pressure transfinite alarm and linkage control and other security protection function, through the explosion-proof acousto-optic alarm to remind operator to solve the problem, the first time at the same time, the computer automatically shut off inlet valve, closing into steam valve, open the cover of exhaust fan, the process of numerical back to normal.Ensure the safety of employees and equipment through reliable design and control.


    Realize the management of the extraction and production formula of industrial hemp. According to the different CBD content in the flower and leaf of industrial hemp, different extraction procedures are adopted for precise control.

    GMP compliance:

    Cheng yi tong company as the focus and medicine production process of the solution suppliers, at the same time, the gem listed companies in China in the service for pharmaceutical enterprises have accumulated a lot of experience and rules on the implementation of the knowledge, help many companies to complete the FDA and GMP certification, from technological design, equipment selection and installation, process piping installation, automatic selection and installation, can meet the requirements of GP specification, guarantee the product production, quality control and quality assurance activities such as traceability 

Low operating costs:

    Use automation to make the whole production line normal production, use fewer workers, and will be reasonable use of energy, reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs.

  Hemp separation hemp oil extraction equipment, machineryHemp separation hemp oil extraction equipment, machinery 

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