Achieved product scale and standardization

- Jul 26, 2018-

The production and use of high-speed cartoning machines can be said to drive the rapid development of the economy, especially in the modern information age, machinery and equipment occupy our daily lives, especially in some relatively large factories and enterprises, high-speed cartoning machines Not only can save a lot of time and labor intensity, but also greatly improve the work efficiency, there is also an advantage that the production and use of high-speed cartoning machine can complete a lot of work that people can't do manually, etc., helping people solve a lot of problems. The problem is that the use of the high-speed cartoning machine not only enables the drug to complete a continuous process, but also automatically labels the label, realizing the scale and standardization of the product, especially for some mass-produced products, and the high-speed cartoning machine is used daily. The maintenance that should be done is:

1. Wipe and clean in time when not working and using, keep the high-speed cartoning machine clean and hygienic, and cut off the power switch.

2. For some parts that are more likely to wear, there should be timely replacement when there is wear and tear. If it is found that the parts of the machine are loose, tighten them in time to ensure the safe operation of the high-speed cartoning machine.

3. Some parts of the machine should be regularly added with lubricating oil after the use time is long, so that the machine will not generate friction during operation.

4. In addition to daily cleaning and maintenance, it should be regularly and regularly repaired, so that the life of the high-speed cartoning machine can be longer.