Positioning mechanism controls the pressing height

- Jul 26, 2018-

1. Press the green button in the “Power Switch” and the power is turned on.

2. Slowly adjust the “Vibration Strength Adjustment Knob” and rotate it clockwise. At this time, the finishing disc that is integrated with the “Vibration Bracket” starts to vibrate, touch the finishing disc by hand, and adjust to a certain oscillation intensity with the feeling.

3. Put the powder capsule shell into the “filling capsule shell finishing tray”, about 300 capsules each time. Put the capsule cap into the "capsule cap finishing tray", about 300 capsules each time. The finishing disc is made of plexiglass plate, and a plurality of round holes with a large upper and lower funnel shape are drilled thereon, and the diameter of the circular hole corresponds to the diameter of the capsule number. At this time, the capsule shell of the vibration table plate is moved slowly before and after, so that it enters the hole of the platen one by one.

4. For about 30 seconds, the powder capsule shell and capsule cap will fall into the round hole with the opening facing up. If the individual opening is facing down, the capsule cap can be pressed down gently to fit out.

5, horizontal hand-held powder capsule shell plate (drawn at the end of the picture, has been randomly prepared, there are round holes in the plate), in the whole

Push the lower part of the tray inward and the shell of the powdered capsule in the tray will fall down into the hole of the plate, and then take out the plate. In the same way, the capsule cap is removed with a capsule cap.

6. A prescription powder plate with a bottom area of 500×500mm and a height of about 10mm on the four sides can be prepared in advance, and the powdered capsule is placed in the square plate of the powder powder. Then, the randomly arranged plexiglass frame is placed on the powder-filled capsule board, and the small shovel shovel powder is put into the frame, and the powder is scraped with the frame edge to fill the powder, and the excess powder is scraped off.

7. Use the matching capsule cap to set the plate (the end of the figure is drawn, there is a round hole on the set plate), put it on the capsule cap plate, and there is a matching hole, which is easy to place. Flip the cap of the capsule cap so that the opening of the capsule is facing down, and it is placed on the shell plate of the powdered capsule with the powder installed. There is also a matching hole, which is easy to fit.

8. Put the nested capsule plate into the cavity under the “capsule cap forming plate”, and pull the “pressing bar” down by hand and put it in place, no need to be too strong, because there is a positioning mechanism to control the pressing height. Remove the capsule plate, pour out the capsule, and fill it. You can cycle through the next board.