Use greatly saves time and improves efficiency

- Jul 26, 2018-

The invention of the horizontal cartoning machine has liberated people's hands. The automatic horizontal cartoning machine is often used for fast cartoning of small boxes of small packages. Its work efficiency is very high, and it is often used for the use of medicine boxes. . Let me know about his function below.

With the continuous development of technology and the advancement of mankind, more and more products are processed and processed in the production and processing, and the use of machinery can not only improve work efficiency but also The use of the cartoning machine is also reduced by reducing the labor intensity, etc. The cartoning machine mainly uses some food or medicine packaging boxes to be packed into the packaging box and automatically completes the operation of the lid movement, and the use of the medicinal cartoning machine. Greatly saves time and improves efficiency, etc. The special point of the medicinal horizontal cartoning machine is

1. The difference from the food cartoning machine is the instruction to insert the drug into the drug box when loading the drug.

2, the carton must be printed randomly when the production date, product batch number and expiration date, etc., these need to be carried out during the cartoning process

3. The medicinal horizontal cartoning machine also needs to check the quality of the drug in the inner packaging to ensure that the quality of the drug is qualified. The automatic cartoning machine is generally divided into three inlets: the specification inlet, the vial inlet and the machine. Package box entrance. The entire process from the feeding of the package to the final packaging can be roughly divided into four stages: the tray is held by a rail clamp and the tray is opened with a pusher, and there are two cards that can be moved forward. Raise below to catch the side of the carton from the front and rear direction, open the box at a right angle and move forward to the loading area. At the loading area

After the field is filled, the mechanism of the machine folds the ear into the left and right guide rails and then performs the closing operation. The front mechanism of the cover will first bend the tongue of the paper box, and then a push plate pushes the cover to bend, so that the tongue is inserted into the box and the buckle is fastened. Closing action is a key action, finished

The quality of the carton has a lot to do with the structure of the carton and the accuracy of the machine adjustment. 1) The medicinal form of the automatic high-speed cartoning machine can be divided into horizontal and vertical packaging. The carton packaging of the cartoning machine, the horizontal pushing model of the carton packaging is called horizontal, and the vertical to the model is called vertical.

2) According to the final carton sealing form, it can be divided into the tongue of the insert, the type of adhesive, mixing, labeling, expansion, self-locking and so on.

3) According to the shape of the material to be packaged, it can be divided into tables, such as blister packs, bottles, hoses, abnormalities, and the like.

4) The packaging specifications can be divided into single, double, multiple parts, assembly 1 antibiotics (such as 1 ampoule boost injection + water), etc.