3D Movement Mixing Machine

3D Movement Mixing Machine

Quotation Sheet: Quote Subject: SYH- 3 0 0 Multi Direction Mixing Machine Ⅰ Note: The validity of this quotation is 60 days Ⅱ Delivery 20 working days after receiving 30% deposit. Ⅲ Payment 30% of the total value by T/T in advance to start manufacture. 70% of the total value by T/T before...
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It is widely applied for mixing of powder materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, light and agricultural industries, also can evenly mixing materials in different proportion and different granule size.

With special three-dimension swinging, parallel moving and rolling, it generates a strong alternant pulse force; continuously push to mix materials. The concomitant vortex possesses variationally energy grads, which brings the great mixture efforts.

                         SYH-300 Multi Direction Mixing Machine


  • Product Features

  • 1. This company produces the vacuum emulsifying type varieties diverse, including homogeneous system points on homogeneous under homogeneous, both inside and outside circulation homogeneous, mixing system and two-way one-way stirring, ribbon stirring;The lifting system is divided into single cylinder and double cylinder lifting, and can be customized according to customer request a variety of meets the demand of high quality products.

    2. Triple mixing adopt imported frequency converter speed control, can meet different process requirements;

    3. Homogeneous structure of German technology, using imported double mechanical seal effect, emulsifying speed can reach 4200 r/min, highest the highest shear fineness can reach 0.2 5 um; 

    4. Vacuum deaeration to achieve aseptic requirements, and USES the vacuum materials, especially for powder material using vacuum suction to avoid dust float in the sky;

    5. The main pot pot can choose lifting device, convenient cleaning, cleaning effect is more significant, the pot body can choose the dumping of discharging;

    6. Pot body adopted three layers of imports of stainless steel plate welding, tanks and pipelines for mirror polishing, full compliance with GMP requirements;

    7. According to the technological requirements, heating and cooling material of tank, steam and electric heating two heating methods mainly include;

    8. In order to ensure the whole machine control is more stable, using imported electrical appliances, can fully meet international standards;

300型 混合机 技术参数

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