Easy Filter Replacement And Disassembly

- Jul 26, 2018-

At present, many manufacturers in China have configured the air treatment unit as: primary filter-electric heating (or steam heating)-fan-medium efficiency filter-fluidized bed dryer, which is as simple as this; obviously, this is in line with the needs of users. There is a great relationship, the user's request is low, and the manufacturer's configuration is also low. Here we only take the fluidized bed as an example to talk about the configuration and parameter requirements of the air handling unit.

(1) The inlet air temperature and humidity can be adjusted to the parameter range required by the process, t is 80 ° C, RH is 20%;

(2) The chilled water is cooled and dehumidified, the coil is made of copper tube and aluminum ribs, and the chilled water is chilled water of the process chilled water system, the temperature is 7-12 ° C;

(3) The heat source of the heater is industrial steam, and the requirements for pressure and temperature consumption should be indicated;

(4) The filter adopts (G4F8H13) three-stage filtration, and H13 needs to perform PAO leak detection test and verification, indicating the time of detection and replacement;

(5) Box requirements: the inner wall is made of stainless steel in the middle and high efficiency, and the galvanized steel plate is used in the middle and high efficiency. The wall plate has the function of heat preservation and cooling;

(6) The entry and exit of cold water and steam is automatically controlled according to the set temperature and humidity by PLC electric valve or pneumatic valve;

(7) G4, F8, H13 have differential pressure display device, and have differential pressure alarm function in PLC (pressure difference is not displayed on PLC);

(8) The filter is easy to replace and disassemble;

(9) Configure the water cooler drain trap, the material of the water tray is 304 stainless steel, no water leakage, smooth drainage, no water in the water collecting tray;

(10) The air outlet is equipped with an electric regulating valve, and the opening degree can be controlled by PLC.

Fluidized bed drying is a very effective method of drying solid particles. The surface of the particles suspended in the gas stream is sufficiently exposed to a dry environment to obtain a better heat transfer effect and to shorten the drying time. The same product temperature and uniform drying effect is achieved by continuously controlling the dry air at the inlet and outlet and mixing it thoroughly with the solid particles.

Fluidized bed dryers are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and forestry products, food, light industry and other fields, and are a wide range of general mechanical products. China's vibrating fluidized bed dryer industry has gone through more than 20 years of history from formation and development to maturity. The conventional vibrating fluidized bed dryers currently required in the domestic market, as well as the main vibrating fluidized bed dryers required by the international market, can basically be manufactured by ourselves in China. This shows that the history of importing fluidized bed dryers has ended.