Effective Means To Prevent Dust Flying And Particle Stratification

- Jul 26, 2018-

1. The tablet press has many specifications and a large number. The tablet press is the oldest pharmaceutical equipment in China, and it is also the earliest export and the largest output. It can suppress the shape of a circular piece, an engraving piece, a shaped piece, a double layer piece, a multilayer piece, a ring type piece, a package chip, and the like. The number, variety specifications and output of the tablet press manufacturers rank first in the world.

2. In recent years, the manufacturers of tablet presses have begun to pay attention to the quality of products, and believe in the business philosophy of “winning by quality”. The tablet presses developed have the characteristics of simple operation and convenient and quick cleaning, especially when changing varieties. Convenience.

3. Low technical content and insufficient technical innovation. More than 40 domestic pharmaceutical equipment companies produce more than 60 varieties of tablet presses. Although new products are being introduced every year, there are very few varieties with high technical level and high added value. Product duplication is serious, and plagiarism is rampant. In order to survive, many small-scale pharmaceutical equipment companies not only adopt a "imitation" strategy in technological innovation, but some manufacturers even rely on others' technology to "innovate" their own technology. In order to compete for orders, they often resort to price reduction. Because the brand loyalty is low, after the price war is launched, these brands are more disadvantaged, which will inevitably lead to the overall retrogression of the design and manufacturing level of China's tablet presses.

The sealing of the tableting process and the isolation of people and logistics. The sealing performance of the input and output of foreign tablet presses is very good, and cross contamination is reduced as much as possible. The granules for tableting enter the hopper through the closed barrel and the closed conveying system. During the tableting process, effective means are taken to prevent dust flying and granule stratification. The pressed tablets enter through the sieve, the sheet detection, the metal detection, etc. In the packaging process, the whole process is quite closed. However, most of the domestic tablet presses are open, or are not completely sealed, and the process of breaking causes the dust to fly between the tablets.