Fight The Pandemic-----LTPM China Always On The Way

- Jun 30, 2020-

Fight The Pandemic-----LTPM China Always on the way

As the pandemic all over the world is becoming worse and worse. LTPM China decide to take their own FAT team to help different client to have FAT for different machines in different manufacturers site. From 29th. May till 16th. June, LTPM China FAT Team visit 8 different cities and 24 different manufacturers for FAT for the client who couldn’t come to China.

During the FAT Visit, our team had done inspection and test for Lyophilizer, HPLC Column, Liquid Filling Line, CO2 Extraction Line, Emulsifying Tank, Fluid bed dryer, tablet press, etc. We will share below Photos for you. So Grateful for the trust from our friend all over the world and our LTPM FAT Team.

FAT on Mini Type Fluid Bed Dryer: 2kg production capacity, used special for R&D with coating, granulation , spheronizing and drying function. (Changzhou City)

FAT On 50Kg/h Cone Mill.(Changzhou City)

FAT for IBC Bins and inspection on the package. (Changzhou City)

Fluid Bed, Cone Mill and Roller Compactor packed after FAT.(Changzhou City)

FAT on Hand Sanitizer Production Line, Actually this was our first visit during the trip. Because of Pandemic, hand sanitizer production line is hot sale machines and client always need it in a hurry, The 8 heads filling line take us whole day for inspection and shipped to Spain. This whole filling capping line also include case erector and case sealer.

CO2 Super Critical Extraction Production line with 29L loading capacity was inspected and tested, then we check the manufacturer packed it and ship to our client in Canada. This is used for Hemp Oil Extraction.

In Shanghai City we did the FAT for Emulsifying Tanks, the clients ordered these tanks all used for Hand Sanitizer Gel. 

1300L ready for Algeria.

As one of the most professional Pharmaceutical Machinery Supplier in China, a lot of client order Freeze Drying machine from us for Injectables and high value Herb extracts. This 100Square meter Freeze Drying Machine we did FAT in Shanghai has been finished and ready for shipping to South Africa. In China, LTPM is one of the earliest supplier for Lyophilizer to all over the world. Our machines were sold to Europeans for Pharmaceutical field and Asians for food industry.

FAT on effervescent Tablet Production Line: Tablet Press and Tube filler.

As the Vitamin C gets high demand during this pandemic, many clients ordered Effervescent Tablet production Line. LTP, China Effervescent tablet line gets Five different patent on powder forming, tablet eject, tube filler and tube capper. This line is going to send to Australia.

Tablet press machine tested and our team is doing the cleaning for the machine and ready to pack it.

LTPM China Tablet press Machine is sold to all over the world, since we have our own engineering team and service Centre in USA and South America, our product is very popular in America.

In Suzhou City, we did FAT for Semi Automatic Vial Inspection Machine, this optical checking machine as our Pakistan friend named, we are sending to Lahore.

In Jiangyin City, we did our FAT for our Colombian client on Soft gel machine

All Machines get packed after our FAT.

We are always happy and proud to introduce our TumTop-Series Energy Save Type Tumbler Dryer. This is super popular in USA, because for the normal Tumbler Dry you will have your Soft Gel dried in 24-26hours. But if you are using our TumTop-Series dryer, you can have your soft gel dried in 16 hours without using tray drying and no need extra drying room for softgel.

LTCG-Series Autocloave FAT is always the topic during this trip. We had got 10sets Autoclave FAT for all our clients from Pakistan, USA, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria.

Creating Values for our clients and focus on quality are always our faith.