Good Performance And Long Life

- Jul 26, 2018-

The high-speed aluminum-plastic packaging machine has a self-checking induction mechanism, which can automatically eliminate the waste of food shortage, and the packaging yield reaches 100%.

Heat sealing station fixing, forming, indentation and reducing parts can be adjusted in the same plane in the body, adapt to various cross-sectional size packaging, high precision and adaptability.

The main transmission part of the aluminum-plastic packaging machine adopts the imported gear reducer, which has good performance, long service life, low noise and stable operation.

Plate structure, heating, mechanical forming, mesh, heat sealing of upper and lower cylinders, mechanical traction, adjustable stroke and easy operation.

The aluminum-plastic packaging machine features a cursor-tracking version, sealed and neat and beautiful.

Precautions for using aluminum-plastic packaging machine

Do not install, there is a rubber wheel under the base, which can be moved.

Full-time personnel training operations and maintenance.

The ground wire should be connected to the specified location on the grounding tag.

All parts of aluminum-plastic packaging machine must be refueled before production

The aluminum-plastic packaging machine is shipped with the gearbox strap lubricant, which must be refueled before production.

It is proposed that the aluminum-plastic packaging machine preferably use an oil-free air compressor.

The pressure of forming, heat sealing, indentation, etc. should not be too large, otherwise it will affect the service life. The forming of the indentation type pad should leave a floating space of about one millimeter.

Should be kept neat