Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Should Consider The Following Factors In Selecting Tablet Press

- Nov 06, 2020-

Pharmaceutical manufacturers should consider the following factors in selecting tablet press

Pharmaceutical manufacturers should consider the following factors in selecting tablet press:

(1) The variety, grade and added value level of the products produced. If tablet makers produce better products and higher added value, they can choose high-end equipment. After all, this kind of equipment has good performance and high degree of automation, which can ensure the product quality.

(2) The size of the shift output. When selecting equipment, it is not necessary to blindly pursue the output of a single machine, but to determine the output of a single machine according to the actual shift output demand.

(3) Workshop area. If the layout area of the workshop is relatively large, the medium and low speed tablet press can be used. The number of equipment of tablet press manufacturers can be increased appropriately, so as to reduce the equipment investment. If the equipment layout in the workshop is very compact, the sub high speed or high speed tablet press can be selected. Although the investment is relatively high, the difficulty of equipment layout is avoided. However, no matter the size of the area, the tablet maker thinks that at least two tablet presses should be arranged under normal conditions. In this way, the production line can be prevented from stopping when the tablet press fails.

The tablet press manufacturer will analyze from six aspects when selecting the model:

(1) The output is high. For presses with the same tablet diameter and similar die number, the output of high-speed rotary press is 4-5 times higher than that of low-speed rotary press. In other words, in order to complete the same output at the same time, it is the quantitative relationship between high-speed rotary tablet press and 4-5 low-speed rotary tablet presses.

(2) The yield of the product is high. We know that the material loss in the process of tablet production is mainly concentrated in two stages: initial parameter setting and adjustment, test compression and load shedding protection before shutdown. In the normal production of high-speed rotary tablet press, the batch utilization rate is more than 99%. Although the low-speed rotary tablet press is difficult to achieve this target, especially in the case of multiple equipment selection, it will be lower and there are many opportunities to waste materials. Doubled or tripled.

(3) The direct cost of the equipment is basically the same. The price of high-speed rotary tablet press may be 4-5 sets of low-speed rotary tablet press, but the low-speed rotary tablet press must be equipped with multiple sets of auxiliary equipment, and the comprehensive calculation results are almost the same.

(4) Significant energy saving and consumption reduction. The high-speed rotary tablet press needs about 20 square meters of clean room, while the low-speed rotary tablet press needs a total of 40-60 square meters. Due to the increase of purification area, the amount of purified air required in the production process also increases proportionally. For example, the indoor height is 3.5m, the daily air volume required by high-speed rotary tablet press and low-speed rotary tablet press is 8400m3 and 16800-25200m3, respectively, when the indoor height is 3.5m, the daily production time is 8h, and the ventilation rate is 15 times per hour. Cost differences should not be underestimated over time. In addition, in addition to the main machine of the tablet press, each host machine also needs to be equipped with auxiliary equipment, such as lifting feeder, vacuum cleaner, screening machine and metal detector. So, like the purification system, the total energy consumption is an amazing number.

(5) The labor cost is greatly reduced. Pharmaceutical companies usually assign 1-2 operators to each tablet press.

(6) The cost of equipment management has been greatly reduced. The daily cleaning and maintenance of tablet press is essential. In addition to the labor cost, a large number of consumables are needed, including purified drinking water, cleaning agent, disinfectant and antirust oil for die protection. Obviously, the advantages of one set of equipment and multiple sets of equipment are self-evident.

Of course, the choice of high-speed rotary tablet press is still a bit of a fly in the ointment - facing the risk of production schedule. In case of sudden failure and shutdown, the production will be greatly affected, while the risk of low-speed machine with relatively low output is much less.

Therefore, when choosing the tablet press model, the manufacturer must proceed from the actual needs of the pharmaceutical factory, and should also focus on the functional perfection, operation stability, safety and reliability of the high-speed tablet press, the convenience of operation, cleaning and maintenance of the laboratory tablet press, and the timeliness of service.