The Diversified Requirements Of The Rotary Tablet Press Structure

- Jun 23, 2020-

The diversified requirements of the rotary tablet press structure

In the customized orders of users, the diversified requirements for the structure of the tablet press are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1.In terms of the output method of the powder tablet press, there are those that require single-sided output, some that require double-sided output, and those that require both single-sided and double-sided output. This requires the design and modification of the output structure of the tablet press to achieve different requirements.

2.In terms of protection, there are those that require a breakout protection structure, and those that require automatic power-off protection when opening the tablet chamber door:

(1) The breaking protection structure of the pharmaceutical tablet press means that when the plunger suddenly breaks under unexpected conditions, the breaking protection system reacts quickly, and the equipment immediately shuts down to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents and eliminate hidden dangers in the budding state;

(2) Automatic power-off protection when opening the tableting room door means that the tablet press cannot be operated when the tableting room door is opened. When the tablet press is operating normally, the tableting room door is opened, and It will automatically stop quickly. This requires the double design and modification of the mechanical and electrical parts, and the detection signal is transmitted to the electrical control system to realize the automatic protection control.

3.The automatic tablet press has special requirements on the structure and material of some parts. For example, some users' tablet products have explosion-proof requirements. The compression chamber door is made of stainless steel, which is durable and corrosion-resistant and beautiful; the feeding device is made of bakelite to avoid interaction with materials.

4.In terms of operation control, the operating system and host of most automatic tablet presses are integrated, and some require the operating system to be independent and can be operated from a distance. According to user requirements, design and transform the electrical appliance operating system, design and process an independent electrical cabinet, the operating system and the independent electrical cabinet together, the host is connected with a cable, so that remote operation control is achieved.

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