Omega 3 Capsule Production Line

Omega 3 Capsule Production Line

Main Technical Data: Feature: Strong product capacity, it can produce 5-9 million pieces per month (No.8 oval shape, 10hours/day, and 30days /month). Injecting medicine part adopts advanced linearity driving system, and it makes sure that the precision of charging and filling is less than 2%....
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Product Details

Main Technical Data:



Rotary speed of die roll


Supplying Volume for flow single-pillar pistol


Difference among filling volume


Power for whole machine


Pillar quantity


Main Body sizes


Weight of whole machine


Features of the Machine

1. The main shaft left and right holes are machined by using the boring mill imported from Switzerland, so that the runout and parallelism of the left and right main shafts are up to the international advanced level.

2.   The conveyer belt mode is used for the outlet port, (not heat with heating tubes). so that the soft capsules will not be piled up at the outlet port.

3.   Micro-quantity lubrication technology is adopted for gelatine skin lubrication, realizing that the soft capsules are free from cleaning.

4. The compulsory cold air is designed at two sides of soft capsule outlet areas, as a result, the net gelatine is not easy to wind around the pill dropping unit.

5. PLC control is adopted for the adjustment of loading quantity; the customer can realize the adjustment of medicine loading quantity by regulating the specific weight of the feeding materials, and to make it simpler to adjust the loading quantity

6. The pill- pressing operation process is simple and reliable because the use of pneumatic clamping system.

7. Electric-driven lifting spray unit,it can stop at any position according to needs, so as to reduce the worker's labor intensity

8. The rotating speeds of each gelatin skin roller and the main shaft are synchronous, as a result, the operation is simple instead of complicated adjustment of synchronization during operation.

9. Optimized design of driving system reduces greatly the noise of whole equipment.

10. With the precision regulation of the gelatin box opening and digital display. it is more convenient, quickly and accurately to adjust the thickness of gelatin film.

11. The injector is heated by water-bathing, which makes the temperature of it more even and improves the capsule

seam absolutely.

12. The hopper is designed to keep the temperature. Therefore, it is easier to press the soft capsules with mixed and suspension liquid and automatic technology is adopted tor feeding.

13. Cylindrical spout design makes the forming of suspension liquid soft capsule more beautiful.

14. The PLC and touch screen from the German Siemens Company is adopted for the electronic control system. The PLC and touch screen from the German Siemens Company is adopted for the electronic control system. All frequency converters from German Siemens are used; all relays from French Schneider are used; all plug socket components from German Weidmuller are used. Therefore the electronic control system is more stable and durable.

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