Soft Capsule Encapsulation Machine

Soft Capsule Encapsulation Machine

LTRJ -5 Main Technical Specifications: Feature: Laboratory product capacity, it can produce 5000 pcs Injecting medicine part adopts advanced linearity driving system, and it makes sure that the precision of charging and filling is less than 2%. Capsule package rate is up to 98%. The gelatin...
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Product Details

LTRJ-5Main Technical Specifications:

                 Stepless Speed Regulation

0 — 2.5rr/min

       Rated Ratation Speed


       Die Dimension


       material Supplied

0 — 1.5ml

       Dosage Filling



0.7kW 1400r/min

       Electric Heater

150w×4 75 w×2 

       Electric Heater Sleeve

55w×2 220v





Product Description

1. For volume-production, increase the utilization ration of gelatin skin;

2. convey gelatin skin with a plane surface more steady running condition;

3. oil saving;

4. suitable for volume-production, continually for 24 hour.

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