Soft Gel Capsule Tumbler Dryer

Soft Gel Capsule Tumbler Dryer

Feature of the Dryer: Tumble dryer is made of stainless steel with 4 sections in each line. Each drum is provided with an independent transmission system, which can run clockwise(drying) or anticlockwise(delivering materials)at your will. It is made of material without lubrication oil, avoiding...
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Product Details

Soft capsule shaping and drying tumbler is composed of fluidized air supply system, rotating feeding system and electrical automatic control system. The positive and negative rotation is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation and PLC control, the user could choose a reasonable speed according to the physical characteristics of the soft capsule, to keep the drying effect best. The whole machine appearance and frame are made of stainless steel material, easy to clean, the tumbler adopts modular design, can increase or reduce the number of sections according to the actual production, installation and maintenance is convenient. The upper transmission structure separates the upper and lower parts completely, so that it’s more easy to clean and meet the GMP requirements. This machine is the latest product developed by our company combining the characteristics of soft capsule drying process of many domestic production enterprises and absorbing the advantages of similar foreign products. This machine is aesthetic in appearance, compact in structure and high level in automation, which can make soft capsule drying more uniform and fast, and capsule appearance more round and standard. It eliminates the existence of large deformation, easy adhesion, inadequate drying, drying time is too long, heavy equipment in the traditional drying process. It is an ideal equipment to dry and shape soft capsule.

Main Technical Data:



Rotary cage quantity

4 sections

Speed of Tumble Dryer


Total Power


Power supply

380V 50HZ

Fan Volume


Fan power

220V 70W ×8

Net weight


Overall Dimensions


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