Automatic Tablet Counter

Automatic Tablet Counter

LTEC-8 Automatic Electronic counting machine is special for counting tablets, soft gelatin, hard capsule and chewing gums, etc. This machine adopts 8 sets imported counting sensor for counting with 8 Guiding Way and two head. The advantage of the machine is no need change mould when you change...
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Product Details

LTEC-8 Automatic Electronic counting machine is special for counting tablets, soft gelatin, hard capsule and chewing gums, etc. This machine adopts 8 sets imported counting sensor for counting with 8 Guiding Way and two head. The advantage of the machine is no need change mould when you change the counting object, only adjusting the counting table height by Easy Adjust wheel. The machine comes with Touch screen operation and PLC Control for convenient running. 

Main Technical Data:

                 Model Name



  • Filled capsule(00-5#)

  • Soft Gelatin capsule

  • chewing gum

  • tablet

  • other solid object under machine range

Hopper Volume



10-20bottles(80-100 pcs/bottle)/min

Filling Quantity

2-9999pcs/bottle (adjustable)

Bottle Size

Diameter: 30-75mm

Counting Size

Thickness: 3-10mm
     Diameter: 3-15mm
     Length: 3-30mm

Compressed air


Machine Weight


Machine Size L × W × H (mm)



  • Compatibility, high accuracy, wide application and use of the Company's original anti-dust photoelectric detection of high technology, can count Tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque), pill count to bottling;

  • Vibratory cutting drugs do not damage;

  • A high degree of intelligence, with no bottle is not the number of self-fault detection alarm and many other control functions;

  • Compact structure, stability and durability, and no regular replacement parts, small footprint, the use of low-cost;

  • To facilitate the replacement of species, can automatically take-off and landing, demolition cleared without any tools, convenient and quick;

  • Chinese dialogue control panel, can store 10 ~ 20 group of species parameters, adjusted to facilitate the use of special;

  • Fully automatic operation, with the Upper and Lower Union Road, intelligent control of processes, coordination, and no special operation, labor-saving devices.

  • Low prices, especially for small-volume, variety and more manufacturers use.

  • Control chip imported to the United States, photoelectric sensors for Taiwan's imports.


Main Technical Data



Weight in kg


Output & Speed

Steady production speed

50-100 cartons/min

Unfold Leaflets


Between 65-80g/m2 

Size range

(80-210) ×(70-210)mm  (L×W)

Fold range

(1-4 )fold

Notice: The leaflet can be folded by the machine

Carton (Card Board)


Between 250-350g/m2 

Carton Size mm



Standard power supply

220V – 50Hz

Power consumption in KW


Air consumption


Compressed Air Pressure



  • B

Capacity and Characteristic:

  • Continuous mechanical feeding materials and carton, and working of each function part are in harmony, stable and reliable.

  • When material do not reach correct position, the pusher has an alarm and half facility for that, in order to ensure good quality of carton packaging and safety in operation effectively.

  • Constantly moving carton-opening mechanism and pulling carton-opening mechanism are more stable and reliable.

  • Vibrating material categorizing and feeding mechanism is stable and reliable.

  • Half facility for air pressure and vacuum protection, when caster opened, the halt facility will be checked automatically for operating safety of the machine.

  • It is easy, convenient and quick to change and adjust product size by hand wheel on instrument panel.

  • Variable frequency speed regulation, PLC automatic control, Operating on the touch screen, words and numeric display, easy to operate, stable coefficients in operation.

  • Overload protection for principal driving, indication of failure diagnosis, and automatic halt of failure


  • Rejection automatically if no product, nonstandard height or lack of leaflet.

  • Stop automatically if incorrect position of products into carton.

  • Stop automatically if no cartons or out of leaflet continues.

  • Easy to change to different products.

  • Protecting automatically for overloading.

  • Automatically display device for speed and finished products counting.