Pharmacy Use Capsule Counter

Pharmacy Use Capsule Counter

HY-2B Semi Automatic Electronic Counting Machine Features: The number of pellet counted can be arbitrarily set up among 0~9999. Stainless steel material for whole machine body can meet with GMP specification. Easy to operate and no special training required. Precision pellet count with special...
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Product Details

HY-2B Semi Automatic Electronic Counting Machine

Electronic counter

The number of settings, from 0 to 9999, can be arbitrarily set according to your needs. If the inventory is set, please set it at 1000 or more.

Whole disk

Pour the medicine into the dish, not too full, and there must be no other medicine or debris. The granules on the entire array need to be arranged one after another and cannot overlap.
Pour into the plate once and not too much to avoid overlapping of the entire track, the count is not accurate.



Main Technical Data:

     Model Name



  • Filled capsule(00-5#)

  • Soft Gelatin capsule

  • chewing gum

  • tablet

  • other solid object under machine range




2000-3500 tablets per minute

Net weight


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