Poreless Film Coating Machine

The PERFORTOP-SERIES Series high-efficiency poreless film coating machine is a high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe, clean, computer-controlled and mechatronis equipment which is used for coating sugar, organic film, water soluble film, slow and controlled release film on traditional Chinese and...
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The BG-150 Tablet/Micro-pills/Water-bindered pills film coating machine is mainly used for tablet, pellet, and candy to carry out organic thin film coating, water soluble thin film coating, slow and control releasing coating, dropping pellet coating, sugar-coating and chocolate in pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry.
It is electromechanical integration coating equipment and conforms to the requirement of GMP
Peristaltic pump with constant pressure variable, eliminate reflux pipe: 
1. Display with touch screen
2. Expanded PLC module, all parameters are set in control panel
3. Because of sound and heat insulation, it has temperature insulation effect to inside of machine
4. Operate at full seal and negative pressure state
5. Nozzle (from Japan)-uniform atomizing, big area of atomizing, adjustable direction,the sprayer has no dropping leakage and block
6. Promote material to stir aslant and writhe. The exchanging frequency is frequent.Therefore it can raise the rate of finished product


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