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Main Technical Data: Application: That machine is a single press automatic rotation for shape-pressing equipment, which have the function of press the grains material to be round or irregular shape tablets, such as candy, calcium tablets double-sides with letter printing and etc. which widely...
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Main features:

1. With double pressing and double outputting, numerous punch moulds, suits for mass production of around 500,00pcs per hour.

2. Shell is made of stainless steel, fully enclosed type. Surface of rotary turret is covered with harderned layer to make it wear resistant, meeting GMP standards

3. Perfect tablet pressing system, twice compress forming, reasonable framework with proper space and large pressure roller, the tablet would dbe pressed a lot with no tablet weight difference.

4. Trilobed wheel force feeder, improve granule flow-ability and filling performance, ensure filling precision.

5. Reliable electrical controlling system, advanced control principle, quality imported electronic components, make sure the precision of every running programme and protection, and all working press under monitoring.

6. Adopting defective picking out controller, can picking out the defect tablet out during high speed running.

7. Small flow and quantitative lubrication system, with high precise lubrication pump, to ensure the lubrication of pressure roller, and solve the tablet pollution problem.

8. Special oil proof, dust proof and noice proof design.

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