Metallic Tube Fiilling Sealing Machine

Metallic Tube Fiilling Sealing Machine

Tube Filling Machine Features: The material feeding system of mechanical transmission is adopted to guarantee the stability of loading capacity. PLC automatic control. Clear and visible stainless steel frame. Easy to realize the connection of emulsifier and filling machine Simple and clear...
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Product Details

Tube Filling Machine Features:

  • 1.Working voltage:50Hz 220V. 

    2.Working pressure:0.6Mpa(by user).

    3.Packing container:soft tube of ф16-ф40mm,length: 50--200mm;note: machine can be produced according to client's tube.

    4.Metering range:25-100ml.


    6.Production capacity:25~35 pcs/min.

    7. Limb description: material: aluminum alloy, thickness 20mm,ф50 mm 16 working positions

    8. Tube base: lifting-type with aluminum alloy outside and nylon base inside (can be changed according to tube size)

    9.Quantitative cylinder description: material: pump body SUS304,quantitative by speed control size of inlet orifice of glue: ZG 3 inch..

    10.Form of glue-filling head: outlet is vertical with 2kinds: gate valve and rotate cut ends valve. (gate valve: for glue with good flow, it wouldn't leak; rotate cut ends valve: for glue with weak flow, its outlet is relatively big with rotate cut ends).

    11.Filling description: self-controlled filling when there are tubes and stopping without tubes. Measurement can be adjusted.

    12.Sealing description: there are 8 working positions: 1 for staving, 2 for bending on one side, 3 for flatting out, 4for big bending, 5 for flatting out, 6 for bending on the other side, 7 for flatting out, 8 for squeezing and printing date.

    13. Labeling: Imported color detector, auto rotating and positioning when tubes are detected.

    14.Control description: electrical machine, cylinder, feeding cover, sealing and exiting tube are automatically controlled.

    15.Operation process: this machine is connected with pressure feeder, and soft tube is auto put in limb and

    transferred mechanically, Imported color detector, auto rotating and positioning when tubes are detected.when photoelectric detector feels the tube in the place, material will be filled in by quantitative pump, then tubes are sealed and printed and fed out automatically.

    16.Accessory:One set of specific tools and one set of sealing ring


    18.Total weight:600kg. Paking:wood box

Main Technical Data:

Applicable tube diameter


Tube type

Metal tubes


Different folding styles

Max. Diameter




Filling precision




No. Stations

9Stations  6,7 RPM





Motor Power


Compress Air


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